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After many years of writing and researching, my autobiography, 
'It's All About Me! & William the Conqueror's Grandfather,' was finally published on 27th September 2022.
This has set me on the road to write a series of books on my Family History.
This website is dedicated to that project.
These books are written in my family name of deGray. To access my other books written as Tricia Frances please click here Books by Tricia Frances.

Did you know that we could be related!!
Whilst researching my family tree and writing my autobiography IT'S ALL ABOUT ME! and William the Conqueror's Grandfather I discovered that centuries back my parents had a common ancestor - then I found another one!
So it's likely that you and I also have a common ancestor!
This has become so intriquing that i decided to write a series of books based on our family, looking at the culture, fashions and homes at the time.
Each book will cover 200 or so years and the series will be called 'It's All About My Ancestors'.
You will be able to keep up to date with this project here.

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                               SECRET GARDEN -The Journey to Find a Better You

After teaching this Personal Development & Meditation technique to thousands of people over the past 30 years,  the book is finally written. It was published in May 2023
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It's All About Me! & William the Conqueror's Grandfather.

It's All About Me! & William the Conqueror's Grandfather.

The true story of one woman’s life of art & ancestry, comedy & murder.

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  •  01/11/2023 01:00 PM
  •   Norwich, UK

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  •  10/12/2022 01:00 PM - 10/12/2022 03:00 PM
  •   Angel Gardens, Norwich NR3

Are you looking for a special card or gift for Christmas? Are you a budding Author? How about joining Author Tricia Frances deGray for this Special Poetry/Verse writing workshop in time for Christmas. Write your collection and select a verse to frame or turn into a card. Bring a notebook and something to write with. Tricia has had many poems published with some turned into lyrics and recorded. She founded and ran the Lost Poet international poetry competition in the 1990s. Her autobiography 'It's all about me & William the Conqueror's Grandfather' was published on 27th September 2022. Click READ MORE for more info

  •  19/11/2022 01:00 PM - 19/11/2022 03:00 PM
  •   Angel Gardens, Angel Road, Norwich, UK

Ever wondered where you come from - I mean really come from? In this workshop, you will discover some clues on how to find out about your ancestry. Tracing your family tree can be very rewarding but expect to fall down a few rabbit holes on the way! This genealogy workshop can be taken as a stand-alone workshop or an extension to the memoir session. Come and get some tips from Author Tricia Frances deGray for this writing workshop. Click READ MORE for more info.

  •  29/10/2022 01:00 PM - 29/10/2022 03:00 PM
  •   Handmade Gifts & Gallery, Anglia Square, Norwich, NR3 1EB

Are you a budding Author? Come and celebrate Halloween and write a Horror story or poem. Feel free to come dressed in costume! You will have the opportunity to tell your story or poem to the group if you wish. Join Author Tricia Frances deGray for this spooky workshop. Click READ MORE for more info

  •  03/10/2022 01:00 PM - 03/10/2022 03:00 PM
  •   Handmade Gifts & Gallery, Anglia Square, Norwich, NR3 1EB

Have you ever thought about writing your autobiography or memoir? We all have something to tell about our lives, come and get some tips from Author Tricia Frances deGray for this writing workshop. Click READ MORE for more info

  •  27/09/2022 06:30 PM - 27/09/2022 08:00 PM
  •   The Forum, Bethel Street, Millennium Plain, Norwich, UK

After a Near Death Experience Tricia decided to write her Autobiography... then Ant & Dec gave her an idea!.................. The launch of Tricia's long-awaited autobiography celebrates her 50 year career as a mixed media and textile artist, designer and author.

It's All About Me!


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 Just finished reading 'It’s all About Me!' what a whirlwind of a book “You lived a life that’s true, you traveled each and every highway and more MUCH MORE than this you did it YOUR WAY “ I understand why it took you so long well done Keep writing ✍️ Love GAYNOR 

Gaynor Cherieann
Book Reader
Articles by Tricia Frances

Articles by Tricia Frances

I wrote this article in 1999 after a trip to Wind River reservation in Wyoming, USA about Mark Soldier Wolf and the Arapaho Nation. It was published in Sacred Hoop Magazine.

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About - Author imageAbout - Author image
A Writer and Artist since the age of 15, I have had many poems, articles and stories published, and a few books of poetry and a Vegan cookbook. I have sold many artworks and still teach various art and craft workshops.
I was born in London but moved to Epping Forest in my 20's. I settled in Norfolk, first in the countryside then finally on the outskirts of Norwich city in the 90's. I had worked as a costumier for 20 years but always found outlets for my writing, becoming the East Anglian review contributor for Heckler magazine and as reporter for the local paper. In the 90's I had a book deal on the cards but fate took a hand and my life went in a different direction - as is often the case. I became a high school art & textiles teacher and have 4 and half degrees including an M.Ed.
I am now working on my Autobiography 'IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!' - 'and William the Conqueror's Grandfather' .
On researching my autobiography I found that my family of Gray / Grey was well documented going back hundreds of years and spanned many countries.
Knowing at the age of 15 that I would write this book when I retire, it is finally happening and due for release 27th September 2022
I live in Norwich with my adopted fish. I write downstairs in my office and create art upstairs in my studio - the perfect combination!
see  Artist Tricia Frances
I have been an mixed media and textile artist and designer for more than 40 years. At the age of 16 my crochet designs were being sold in Biba, London. I was one of the first punk designers and worked as a historical and theatrical costumier designing costumes for stage and screen for 20+ years from my premises in London and Norfolk. After getting my MEd I got into teaching and worked as an art & textile teacher in high school for 15 years and now teach those subjects to adults at Handmade Gifts & Gallery, and from my studio in Norwich. I was commissioned a few years ago to create a room box for the Small Stories joint exhibition with V&A at Norwich Castle Museum. Its called Under the Bed and is one of my favourite miniature dioramas!
I am so fortunate to have always worked in the creative arts as both an Author and Artist!
You can find more about my art at
Thank you for reading
Thought Creates!!
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